? IV International Workshop on Proximity Data, Multivariate Analysis and Classification


Researchers and practitioners are invited to present works in the form of oral communications or posters. The registration form enclosed below must be sent by email to evaboj@ub.edu before ... . For the presentation of a work, the submission of a short abstract is required before ....

Objective: Presentation of problems, techniques, and software related to Multivariate Data Analysis and Classification, in order to encourage the exchange of ideas and collaboration among researchers in the SEIO - AMyC and any group interested in these applications topics.

Venue: Facultad de Medicina del Campus Miguel de Unamuno, 37007 Salamanca, Spain, in connection with the "Annual meeting of the SEIO Working Group on Multivariate Analysis and Classification, AMyC".

Participants: Researchers in AMYC, master and doctoral students, and statisticians interested in issues related techniques in Classification and Multivariate Data Analysis.

Communications: Those interested in presenting oral communications (about 15 minutes) or posters must be sent along with your registration, title, and a summary of its submission.

Registration: No registration fee will be required for all members and partners SEIO, and will be of 50€ to be paid at the beginning of the meeting.

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